Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Honey I'm Home! :)

I apologise for not keeping everyone up to date with the happenings at the Hydro.

We have been extremely lucky with the weather this year, as you can see from mid April the weather made us stop the fitness swimming, we are still swimming now, however this may soon come to a stand still due to the expected cold front!

Don't you worry though, we still have a lovely warm indoor pool for recovery.
A nice place to be in the cold weather!

I am thinking we may need a dog of the month to put up - *Watch this space* and our facebook page, why don't you follow us! :)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Warm weather and wet dogs!

Its that glorious time of the year again!!
We can begin swimming in the large outdoor pool (Yay!!)

It hasn't been an easy winter though, the big outdoor pool stayed colder than it has been in years, despite our best efforts. but now the temperature is picking up daily!

The small indoor pool was hit by the storm last week and it blew the solar panels out of the wall, and tripping the power, making that pool drop to 20 degrees (not ideal for rehab patients) once we got that sorted, the rats (or darling rabbits we seemed to have inherited) chewed the wiring to the element, making the small pool cold yet again!

All of this is now under control and we can resume as normal!
Hold thumbs for beautiful weather the rest of the year and more!

Remember sunscreen (I have nice red shoulders screaming at me for forgetting that :) )
Everything that we love all in one place: Sun, outdoors, and wet dogs!

Monday, May 23, 2011

We going to be famous!

To all of you who have DSTV, we will be on the show "Celeb se kind" on kyknet (thats 111) on wednesday the 25th at 9pm. There are repeats - will keep you posted on when they will be showing! :) :) Watch it!! tell your friends!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shiver shiver

It has been cold these last few days, and it looks like our winter has come early, not ready to give up swimming time a client came up with an idea - after swim jackets - and they work like a charm! keeping the dogs toasy warm so they dont get sick or shiver.

Ike here is showing off his Jersey and is not cold or uncomfortable in the least.
It works if there is a nip in the air or the wind turns icy, as long as the pool temp stays up we should be able to swim for a while hopefully.

Monday, April 4, 2011

R.I.P Gorbi

This very special boy left a void in the hearts of many when he passed away on friday.
He will be dearly missed.
Gorbi was a brave, enegetic and happy dog for his entire life, never seen without a toy by his side.
He left this world at a ripe old age!

New looks

Our new website is up and running! :)
Take a peek at
also visit our facebook page!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Rainy weather looks set to stay

The heavy rains have played havoc with our normally sparkling pool, turning it pea green overnight. Thank goodness it is once again crystal clear.
Hope the storms are over for a while.

Blue is now joining sister Deedee for weekly swimming sessions.

Here they are receiving encouragement from their Dad.

Blue with a little help from his Dad.

First time in the pool Blue swims like a pro.

Blue is so chuffed with himself.

Honey is now swimming laps, in order to build up the muscle in her hind legs without putting pressure on her already fragile knees. She is a natural.

Coco, a 3 year old spaniel, has a narrowing in the spine, which is putting pressure on the Sciatic nerve.

Making friends with Michelle.

"I am so sexy in my jacket"

"Hold on tight"

"Away we go!"

After Honey told her brother, Morgan the gentle giant, how much fun swimming was, he decided to try for himself!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A new year, a new begining

Seasons Greetings to Everyone.
May the new year bring all you wish for yourselves.
We have been off line for quite a while as Christine was indisposed for just over 2 months.

We have had a number of new patients:

These two beauties are Diesel (on the left) and Roxy. Roxy came to us to help regain the use of her leg after she tore the cruciate ligament. Brother Diesel just came for moral support.

Josy, had a femur head amputation, a few weeks ago and is coming to us to gain muscle on her hind leg and regain use of it. She is a lovely dog with a great personality!

Here Josy is with Lucy, her sister. Lucy just comes along for the ride and on her visits she climbs in the pool on her own to paddle.

Bella, a Staffie Cross, comes purely for fitness, she is a sweet, yet stubborn, girl but enjoys swimming.

Jupiter, Bella's older brother comes for swimming to help him with his hips, this old boy has a heart of gold, and a stubborn streak to match his sister.

Angus (on the left) and Cinnamon are Jupiter and Bella's cousins. They come for swimming too, Angus has a chronic Eye problem that requires Cortisone, making him pick up weight, so he is here for weight loss. His sister cinnamon is here just for the swim - she loves to swim!

Cinnamon is not shy of photos and loves to pose - she is beautiful!

This is Dee-Dee, she is an adorable girl and although it takes her time to trust people she is affectionate when she lets you in. The reason for her referral is also a torn cruciate.

We are thrilled to report on two real success stories:

Astro was paralysed in her hind legs and was unable to walk, she is now running around with the other dogs, she is still a little unbalanced but is doing incredibly well.
Running like a champ!

Magoo came to us after all four limbs were left paralysed after a stroke, he is now up and about, it took only one session to see an improvement in this remarkable man.
He just gets up and goes - there is no stopping this boy!

We Gained a new member of the extended family, Cybill, she has captured every one's hearts!
This face says it all - she has everyone wrapped around her finger!

Cybill playing with her big brother Basil. They love each other!

Cybill with her litter mate Channah , just goes to show the vast difference you can get in puppies.

The weather was ruthless and the hydro took a beating - it is all fixed now.
The carport fell over and needed to be replaced.

The thatching needed to be re-done after being hit by debris.

The stable roof flew off during the storm leaving the horses frightened and exposed.

Christmas with the family is always fun - here all the "grand kids" are relaxing before lunch!

Holly and Skye ready to go - they are so well behaved. These girls know how to get their way!

Monday, October 18, 2010

summer time!!

It has been a rather sad couple of weeks. We have lost two grand old ladies.

R.I.P Storm and Shadow

Storm, a member of our extended family, ruled the roost for all of her 14 years. She had such a feisty spirit right up to the end. Her bark was worse then her bite.
Miss you Babe!!!

After surgery to correct a hip problem Shadow's organs started to shut down and her family had to make the decision to let her go.

Not all news was bad, we had some new beginnings too

Hansie came for his first swim of the season and he brought little sister XaXa with him

Little XaXa loved the water

We have seen some great results

When we first saw Zorro his back legs were so weak he could barely stand. Look how strong he is now!

He really enjoys his treatment.

Zorro manages to climb on the couch with ease.

Everyone enjoys Summer

Willow and Tempest enjoy being outdoors!

We do house calls in certain areas, when swimming is not needed.

Odie getting to know Michelle.
The poor boy suffers from spasms in his neck.

A massage feels good.

We had a couple of first-time swimmers .

To date Tarzan has been Treated at home and today he is going to have his first swim.
Batman is very interested.

Tarzan is very confident.

Batman checking out the water.

We have a beautiful German Shepard visiting us for treatment

Temba enjoying his first treatment.
His hind legs are not working as well as the used to.

So smart!! Ready to go!

Swimming like a champ.