Monday, March 23, 2009


There's nothing like a good massage to wash away the day's troubles

I'm a big, vicious, attack rottweiller...I am...really!!!
Shaka having his knee treated with massage and photizo light therapy.

Animal Chiropractor and Cameo

Cameo was paid a visit by the animal chiropractor to get her spine aligned. She looked much better and looser afterwards.

The wandering duck...

Inspection of the farm...

The muscovy duck that appeared a few weeks ago has settled in and decided it's a goose. He has chased the geese off their nests so he can sit on their eggs...

Bryce and Duncan

Duncan having his weekly swim

His friend, Bryce, having some fun in the water too...look ma, no head!!

Gasp!! I'm a seal...

Why is the treat sinking? Now I have to get it!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Basnik, Bora and Braveheart

Braveheart came along to watch his younger brothers have a fun swim and decided he liked the look of it and promptly launched himself into the pool...we were lucky to get the picture.


Basnik and Bora and 9 month old litter mates and because of their age only have fun swims to make their swimming experience exciting. They will begin structured exercise when they are older and their skeletal structure and ligaments are more mature.

Their owner, Anne, decided the water looked inviting and she liked the idea of having a fun swim with her dogs so in she went...clothes and all. She's promised next time she'll bring her costume.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fee FAI fo fum...

Fai, the juvenile German Shepherd, comes for a play swim. He's too young to have strenuous structured exercise so his session is mostly having fun and learning swimming skills. Yesterday he learnt how to dive into the water to retrieve his toys. The swimming is ideal for such young animals because it doesn't put any strain on their joints and skeletal structure. It's a short, fun session and they leave the hydro refreshed and happy.

Little boys LOVE to have fun!

Handsome Hansie

Hansie, the beautiful doberman, had his first swim and took to the water easily once he'd realised he could swim.


13 yr old Storm getting a massage to relieve the stiffness in her joints. Nicholas (her human brother) is keeping her company.

Monday, March 9, 2009

It's that time again - Puppy School swimming

Awww, cuddle time...don't be scared.

A little guidance for Zorro

Claire, the Springer spaniel, paddling hard...

Monty the little golden labrador loved the water

the Ridgeback puppies meeting and greeting Bronco (he's a little traumatised around other dogs after his injury which was caused by a dog attack)

Cameo - progression on her abscess

The farrier, Chato Lackner, working on her hooves.

Clearly visible, the painful abscess (one in each hoof)

Clearing up nicely after 2 weeks of TLC

Much better!

A family outing...

Mr Brown about to show Jasmine and his little girl, Savannah, how to swim.

Savannah, not too worried about making her human mom wet...getting a drying off so she doesn't shiver.

Look ma!!! I can swim!!!

Jasmine...first swim and churning the water like a jacuzzi. She settled in soon enough and swam like a pro

She even stood on the sidelines and cheered for the rest of her family.

Colleen and the pine cone

Everytime Colleen (Border Collie) comes for treatment she brings her favourite toy...a pine

cone. She'll follow the pine cone absolutely anywhere so it's a useful tool to get her to co-operate...not that she's unco-operative.

Duncan and Connor

Duncan brought his big brother, Connor, along for his treatment today...Bryce had to stay at home to keep Prozac (a dog, not a pill!) company. Connor, a typical retriever, was in the water before Duncan could have his swim.

Uri and Lady

Uri taking his mom for a run with Lady in tow.

Uri doing Michelle a favour - if she wants to play he will too.

The two old ladies greeting each other. Christine (the human owner of the hydro) and Lady (the foxy - companion to Uri).

Bronco update

Our "little" client, the 4 month old Bronco the cross Great Dane St Bernard, is healing up nicely. His wound is closing fast and there isn't any infection.

Duck!!! It's a duck...

A stray Muscovy Duck turned up at the hydro last week. He seems to have settled in with the resident geese and doesn't seem to want to move on or go home.

Skye - bearing gifts

Skye, the golden labrador, brought us a present (her blankie!) the last time she came for her rehab.

She must love us!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jazz - soon to be addition to the Darshan family

Jazz with her new big brother, Jason.

Jazz (with the undocked tail), her mom (Erin) and her white brother, Bandit.

Move over - milk bar!

Say hi to Jazz. A six week old white Boxer puppy, who will be joining the extended Darshan family. She comes from the Tanyati Boxer "B" litter and will be able to come home in 2 week's time. Yesterday her adoptive family went to visit her and get some cuddles.

Dashing Duncan

Duncan, with Bryce (the spectator), running off some of his energy.

Getting kitted out for the swim

Lying with dad having Photizo light therapy on his hip (HD surgery recovery).

Duncan having his pulse taken in between laps. Michelle, the stethoscope is cold!!

Getting dried after the swim...Duncan, a metrosexual male, doesn't mind getting dried with a Fushia pink towel.