Friday, February 27, 2009

Update on Cameo

The farrier, Chato Lackner, came again to treat Cameo's hooves.
They are looking much better and she's standing more forward and her back has straightened out.
Getting the pus and yuck washed out.

Putting the antiseptic (purple stuff) on...

Bandaging her up...pretty girl with fabulous shoes.

Cameo standing wonderfully still while she gets treated with the Beemer 3000vet all dressed up in her pretty pink slippers.

Cameo's foal, Whisper, had her first pedicure too. She wasn't very impressed at having everyone restrain her and then fiddle with her hooves.

Dad and Lad #2

This time it was Echo who came to watch dad swim. He also had a brief introduction to the feeling of wet feet...isn't the matching gear splendid?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Michaela and Blaze

Michaela, the Doberman, waiting her turn. She's watching Blaze and getting a few tips on how it's supposed to be done.

Blaze, the German Shepherd, doing her laps on her own. She's an old hand at swimming and really enjoys her exercise. You can just see from the look on her face she's saying, "Look how clever I am!" .

Michaela having her first swim. After watching Blaze she did her swim elegantly and easily.

Dad and Lad

Coppah (a 10 week old Rhodesian Ridgeback) came with his dad (Mr Brown) to learn about water. Mr Brown had his swim with Coppah looking on. He quite liked the feel of the water and will probably take to swimming easily (once he's a little older).

Monday, February 23, 2009

Update on Cameo

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Cameo and her foal Whisper have settled in nicely. Unfortunately we discovered that her front hooves hadn't been maintained and cleaned at her previous stable and she had developed severe abscesses in both of them. The specialist farrier Chato Lackner was called in and he cleaned, trimmed and treated both her feet. Today she looked much more comfortable. The vet was also going to pay her a visit today.
This immediate foot problem needs to be sorted out before any swimming can take place so for the moment she's getting fattened up and having her hooves treated.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Case study on Bronco

Aw, look at that face...don't you feel sorry for him?

Bronco is a cross St Bernard Great Dane puppy. He is only 3 months old and needs treatment for a large wound on his front leg and behind his ear which he sustained from a dog attack. He will be receiving daily Photizo light therapy treatment to close the wound and to prevent infection.

Case study on Cameo

Cameo and her foal Whisper settling into their temporary accomodation

The resident Percherons (Cheyenne and her mom Toulousse) watching Cameo and Whisper with interest.

Cameo (and her foal Whisper) arrived at the hydro on Thursday. She is going to be boarding with us for the duration of her treatment. Cameo has back and hip problems which came about from giving birth to Whisper who was a very large foal. Both of them will stay with us so that Cameo can get regular treatments of massage, the Bemer 3000vet blanket and eventually swimming to rectify her problem.

Survival of the fittest

Seen at the hydro
[click to enlarge]
If you keep your eyes peeled mother nature will reward you with fascinating glimpses into her life. A hornet stinging a locust and dragging it away.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

R.I.P. Totem

Totem, the resident Skewbald pony at the hydro and the promoter of the Beemer 3000vet in our promotional material, passed over to the other side last night at 20:30. She was the first large animal on the plot. Her constant companion pony, Ascot, the other horses and her human family, are going to miss her terribly. Totem was 38 years old and was a gentle soul. R.I.P. Totem.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Mr Brown and Kharma

Mr Brown getting his leg measured to see if the exercise is putting on muscle in the right places. Not very dignified having someone measure that close to the unmentionables. The tucked in tail is to preserve his dignity.

Kharma and Mr Brown willing Michelle to drop the treats.

Skye is (almost) a water baby!

Look how far she goes all by herself...that's quite fun.

Dunking her nose to catch a treat that was sinking...all in the name of making the water fun and less scary.

Some gentle guidance when Skye's feet are off the ground for the first time. Not a sign of any panic at all.

Now you can see how beneficial to swimming the wide labrador tail is. She turns like an otter.

And comes back to greet Holly and get her treat.

Last week Skye was introduced to the water and this week she went in for a little swim with hardly any fuss at all.

Tiny's Progress

Tiny has made remarkable progress. From not being able to stand at all to now pulling himself up on his own and supporting himself, wonderful progress. Tiny has had swimming , acupuncture and photizo light therapy.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gently, gently...into the water

Skye, the golden lab, hates water. She's a regular client at the hydro and is happy to have her massage and light therapy but doesn't want to have anything to do with the pools.

Michelle decided that she needs to at least try to swim as it'll only benefit her and her elbow and hip dysplasia. Holly (her companion) watches from the water's edge trying to get the treats if Skye misses one.

Our policy is never to force an animal into the water (fear will not be beneficial when you need them to co-operate) but to introduce them to it slowly, and in a positive way. Skye is enticed with floating treats and soon forgets about her wet feet.

Look at her!! Chest deep...that's a huge achievement for her.

Wow...right up to her time she'll be taken deeper (with the life vest) and eventually she will do some proper swimming rehab.

On show...

Two of our clients strutting their stuff at the German Shepherd show on Sunday
Tanika on show...being observed by the judges.

Uska waiting her turn...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mantu and Buchle

Mantu getting ready for his swim. All kitted out in the life jacket...Buchle waiting her turn.

Buchle...such a pretty girl.

Mantu watching Buchle having her swim

Blaze and Jayde

Blaze always arrive in style with his head sticking out of the window

He can hardly wait to greet everyone and go for his swim.

This is how it's just jump in and make the biggest splash you can.

I think the humans are jealous of my lovely recreational swim.

I'm such a clever must be the German Shepherd in wait...maybe it's the Airedale...

Jayde and Blaze exploring a bit while Blaze gets dry from his swim.
Blaze comes once a month for a recreational swim. He initially came for post operative rehab from a cruciate ligament construction but loved his outing so much that he now comes once a month for a fun swim.

[click on the pictures to enlarge]

Duncan and Bryce

Come mom, hurry up...I want to swim...and Bryce wants to watch!

Look at me...I'm a veteran at this. I can even turn at the end of a lap to swim in the other direction all by myself.

This is the best way to dry off in between as fast as you can. Does it look like I have had a big operation on my hip? I didn't think so.

Uri and Lady

Look ma...I'm a rottie too

It's mine!

Uri taking Michelle for his swim

We know where you keep the treats. Now hand them over.