Monday, October 18, 2010

summer time!!

It has been a rather sad couple of weeks. We have lost two grand old ladies.

R.I.P Storm and Shadow

Storm, a member of our extended family, ruled the roost for all of her 14 years. She had such a feisty spirit right up to the end. Her bark was worse then her bite.
Miss you Babe!!!

After surgery to correct a hip problem Shadow's organs started to shut down and her family had to make the decision to let her go.

Not all news was bad, we had some new beginnings too

Hansie came for his first swim of the season and he brought little sister XaXa with him

Little XaXa loved the water

We have seen some great results

When we first saw Zorro his back legs were so weak he could barely stand. Look how strong he is now!

He really enjoys his treatment.

Zorro manages to climb on the couch with ease.

Everyone enjoys Summer

Willow and Tempest enjoy being outdoors!

We do house calls in certain areas, when swimming is not needed.

Odie getting to know Michelle.
The poor boy suffers from spasms in his neck.

A massage feels good.

We had a couple of first-time swimmers .

To date Tarzan has been Treated at home and today he is going to have his first swim.
Batman is very interested.

Tarzan is very confident.

Batman checking out the water.

We have a beautiful German Shepard visiting us for treatment

Temba enjoying his first treatment.
His hind legs are not working as well as the used to.

So smart!! Ready to go!

Swimming like a champ.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Everyone is ready to swim!

More and more we are seeing puppies with congenital joint problems. Sadly some of these have come from breeders who claim to be registered. The good news is, if the condition is diagnosed early and therapy is started the prognosis is encouraging.

R.I.P Ronin
Ronin, one of Angela's family of Shepard's, passed away last week very suddenly, shortly after being diagnosed with Biliary. His whole family miss him sorely.

A lot of new puppies are coming in for swimming lessons,
There is Presley, the 9 month old Ridgeback.

Taking his first solo swim.

Presley is full of beans after his swim - in full flight.

Then there is Raffa,

Like her big brother, Fai, she loves water and Piggy.

Raffa and Fai racing each other with their Pigs.

No trouble guessing who makes the rules here -

Skye decided she preferred the chair to her mattress.
"Please Michelle may I have my treatment here?"

Michelle obliges.

Another dog born for the water.

Michelle assesses Honey on her first visit. She had knee surgery 6 weeks previously.

Relaxing while her jacket is adjusted.

The cousins get new toys,

When Granny visited she brought Luna and Vesta prezzies.

Vesta the clown rolling around with her toy.

Luna and Vesta discussing the pros and cons of their toys.

Another puppy for lessons -

Koffi, who is a litter mate of Rodney and Tau Nicholson, came for his very first visit.

Testing the water.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Warm weather is here at last! :)

R.I.P Ceasar.
This wonderful teddy Bear's weak joints just could no longer support his weight and his family had to make the very difficult decision to release him from his pain. Although he was still a "baby" he made a huge impact on all who came into contact with him.

Spring has well and truly sprung. The weather is balmy and the plant life is once again waking up, it is so exciting to see the fresh green shoots!
The animals are also enjoying the opportunity to start swimming.

Cindy's dogs all came for a visit - little did they know they were going to be taught to swim!

Help Let Me Out!!! Michelle trying to sell Basil on the benefits of swimming!

Not so bad, but don't let go!

OK I have had enough now!

Storm, who is now 14 years old had to come along to supervise.

Not all animals co-operate with us

4 year old cross Maltese/jack Russell, Astro, is recovering after a surgery for a herniated disc.

Surfs up! Riding on the boogie board.
If she doesn't want to do the surfing she lays down on the board - she is such a strong character!

Hold me tight Michelle!

The big softy Tarzan...

Tarzan, the 3 year old BoerBoel had surgery for a cruciate ligament. He looks so forlorn with his Elizabethan collar.

Inspecting the Photizo

The many stitches he is constantly trying to pull out (he was successful once)

Another Puppy came to us with a joint problem.

Bingo, a 5 month old ridgeback, exercising on the peanut, the tendons in his front right leg have contracted. He has been fitted for an orthopedic brace, which will form a large part of his rehab.

Not to sure about the floatation jacket.

While their dog, Bingo, was having his therapy, Mia and her little brother had fun at the jungle gym.

Angela was one of the first to bring her dogs back for a swim, and of course Troy came along.
Troy - a long haired Shepard - after a hair cut. The new "do" seemed to give him a new lease on life. He was behaving like a spring chicken!

A family reunion took place between the pets in the extended family.

Basil and Nicholas watching Stitch swim.

Roxy and Hera making friends.

Three Musketeers Stitch, Hera and Roxy.

Phoebe and Maya joined Hera for a visit to Mom's work.

Maya in a pensive mood.