Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It gets colder by the day...

At last our indoor pool heater has been repaired and we can get back to swimming.
This week we spent some time with our extended family.

Jason brought Jazz to the Hydro for a visit and to try burn off some of her excess energy.
Rough and tumble with Diane and Jason.

"9 - 10 -- And you are out!"

Making friends with Whisper and Freezie - she has never seen horses before.

"Why won't you play with me?"

When it was time to go home - she just jumped in the car and waited for us to join her.

On the weekend we went to visit our family in Pretoria.

At home with Ockert, Wendy and Vesta.
Vesta loves to take a shower with Mom.

Luna showing off her new Frisbee. Isn't she a beautiful girl.

Enjoying the Sunshine.

Jesse is a 4 year old Lab/Retriever who damaged the ligaments in her hind leg, she is such character!

"Michelle may I have a treat?"

"I will hold the treats for you"

Enjoying her massage, she settles down nicely.

Dylan the bearded Dragon has just come out of hibernation. Hera, who has never seen him, has no idea what to make of him.

We have to hold her up to see him so she will stop screaming.

Now that the pool is warm again Stitch could have his first swim.

He got the hang of it straight away.

Clearly upset about his swim- "When you said we were going to visit Granny you never mentioned the swimming part!"

Hera and Stitch are slowly beginning to make friends.

Hera took a shine to Wendy almost immediately. Hera is normally quite reserved and stays with the immediate family.