Thursday, February 25, 2010

A rainy end to February

Over time you have seen pictures of some horses we have treated at the Highveld Horse Care Unit.
This organisation rescues abused and neglected horses and do a sterling job rehabilitating and where possible re homing these animals. For more information their website is

Although we help where we can, it is not always possible to give as much time as required. The answer would be for them to have their own Photizo.
The Photizo people have offered me a unit at an excellent price and we are trying to raise the necessary funds.

I appeal to anyone who would like to help with a donation to deposit it in the following account.
Darshan Animal Hydro
Standard Bank
Branch 012-342
a/c 220 624 178

Sandy and RJ came for their first visit - Sandy the LabX has hip problems at the tender age of 18 months.
RJ, the big man has shortened tendons in his right hind leg due to an old injury as a small puppy.

Sandy was not too happy with her first swim.

You can see Sandy has been brought up around horses. She was not interested in the biltong treats, but preferred carrots.

Duncan, Bryce and Prozac arriving for their weekly visit.
They could not wait to get out the car.

On Monday afternoon Diane and Mike picked up a little Fox Terrier on the side of the road, she had been hit by a car.
She has had surgery to repair a broken femur and her front leg is in a cast to stabilize an injured wrist.
Diane has named her Hera which means "the chosen one"
Hera arrived home from the hospital today.
Getting to know you.
Karma and Maya not knowing what to make of Hera.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Growing in leaps and bounds

The dogs have been making a lot of progress this week and it has been great fun working with them.

Happiness is having a teddy to cuddle!
Maya after a hard day.

Sally is doing everyone proud - she is coming along so nicely.

Heidi is so interested in what Michelle is doing to Sally, looks like she wants treatment too

Sally can now stand unaided - she is making great progress.

Prozac came for one of his regular visits with Duncan and like the true Terrier he is - he soon found some trouble to get into.
Oops! Prozac fell in the pool while Duncan was swimming.
He handled it like a real champ and swam out unaided.

A bit of a cuddle and a rub down after his ordeal. Duncan a concerned brother looks on.

Not to be left out Duncan soon gets his turn.

Hansie brought his family along for a visit to his swimming session

Hansie and Amra have a chat with Michelle.

Milla does not feel too happy about swimming, She prefers to look on from a distance with Mom.

Piper came for her session ready to go - and she did not disappoint!

Piper is swimming so well in the big pool.

Resting between laps.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Back on track

This gentle two year old fillie was confiscated by the Highveld Horse Care Unit. When she was found she was harnessed to a cart and was still expected to work in this condition.
We saw her twice for Photizo therapy. The vet who works with the Horse Care Unit has now taken her to his farm so that he can attend to her daily.

Skye, Holly and Shumba are on holiday at Doggon Kennels. We went to visit them and to give Skye her weekly treatment.

The trio was happy to see us.

"Me too!"
Little Shumba is a ball of energy! He demands attention.

Holly - ever the lady - looks on.

This smart little man knows how to behave if he has too

Shumba and Holly take a stroll in their garden.

They all settled down to relax after all the excitement.

R.I.P Lindsay

The beautiful Shar Pei, who adopted the staff at one of the racing stables at Turffontein Race Course late last year, passed away last night of suspected poisoning.
Rest in peace lovely Lindsay.