Thursday, November 19, 2009


11 months ago Spirit was kicked by another horse. The wound is not healing as hoped for. Hopefully we'll be able to help her.

The Bemer is relaxing her while increasing the blood circulation.

Helen and Michelle giving her a massage.

The vet thinks there might be a bone chip in the wound. The photizo should help to bring it to the surface.

While Spirit was being treated Victoria, the bulldog, was keeping an eye on the activities.

Issie takes to the water

Issie will soon be as enthusiastic in the water like her big sister Callie

One Giant step for Milla

After much persuasion, Milla realised the water wasn't so bad.

Angus' first swim

Angus, an 11 month German Shepard, and Dune had their first visit.

They both took to the water like pros.

Angus and Mom.

Dune and Dad.

Family affair

Roxy, a cross Australian Cattle Dog came along with Piper to have a Photizo Treatment on he painful leg.

Friday the 13th

On Friday there the 13th there was a runaway grass fire on the plot adjoining the hydro. Thank goodness the wind changed direction shortly after these photos were taken and then we had a shower of rain which saved the day. This was just a bit too close for comfort.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bringing Sexy back

Karma visited Angela's Grooming Parlour. Doesn't she look sexy?

Zina has a turn.

Today Mr Brown brought His and Jasmine's daughter, Zina, along.

"Show me how it is done Dad."

"How am I doing?"

"Please, please, please buy me a toy!"

Look Mom!

Draca had his first proper swim today - We are all so proud of this brave boy!

Is it safe to come out?

Cheeky is really scared of thunder storms. Hiding in the pillows made him feel a bit safer.

Baby Issie joins the crew

15 week old Issie is the new addition to their family, so Troy and Callie brought her along to show her the ropes.

Prince Progresses

Prince's first session on the trampoline.

He is coping well with the controlled swimming.

Show and tell

Mr Brown brought his son Casanova along to meet us. His mom is Jasmine.


Cheeky cuddles up to a Teddy.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Who's a pretty boy?

This is Cheeky who now lives with us. He is such a sweet boy and we love having him.

Angela's Angels

Fai, 14 months old, is an old hand at swimming, he is so confident that he dives in without a second thought.

Draca willing the pig to come to him.

Granny's place

Stitch having a cat nap in Granny's office. He loves to visit when there are no other dogs there.

Everyone out

Some of the new goslings were taken for their first swim.

Catching zzzzzz

Piper was feeling so relaxed after her massage, she did not want to go home.

Summer fun in the pool

Connor decided to accompany Duncan in the pool.

Marco Polo

Family day

Rough Collies, Prince and Nadia are Father and daughter.
Nadia is a very shy little girl so we will let her get to know us and feel comfortable around us before we start treating her.

Helen is on the phone to the vet to get some background. Prince waits.

Nadia chills with dad

Michelle making friends with Nadia

Helen assessing Prince