Friday, August 6, 2010

R.I.P Piper

This dignified 13 year old lady passed away last week.
She has left a big gap in her family's life and will be sorely missed.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just keep swimming.

Sorry for the delay in updating the blog - we have had quite a lot happening on this side of the page, but lets jump straight into it -

Seeing as Hera and Stitch both need to swim we have decided to swim them together - it works well as they need to push past each others currents and the jets in the water in order to keep going - giving them each a great work out!

They seem to enjoy racing each other to the end.

After his swim Stitch, who is improving nicely plays with his beloved ball.

Hera, meanwhile, has a great sleep!

We have had quite an influx of hip dsyplasia patients recently.

There is Zorro, a 9 month old cross lab who has HD or a dislocated hip, none can be confirmed as he also has a heart condition which prohibits any x-rays or operations or exercise. This spoiled boy just gets a weekly Photizo and massage session.

Zorro - lapping up all the attention.

Then there is Tempo, this 4 year old Lab, he just comes to keep his muscles from atrophying after a double femur head removal operation. He suffers from seizures if he is over excited so we take it slow with him.

Sitting calmly while being assessed.

Swimming his heart out - he is eager to get to his Mommy.

The part he loves the most - relaxing by the jets in the water.

And then Ceaser, a 9 month old cross Boerboel, has knee and hip dysplasia.

On his first visit he was not to keen on making friends and stuck close to his Dad's side.

During the Photizo session He kept looking back to see what was happening.

Still very wary while suiting up.

His first swim and he made everyone proud! He swam well with no splashing or panicking.