Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Nicholson girls take a huge leap

Holly felt so swish in her flotation jacket, that she couldn't wait to try it out.

Swimming like a real pro.

You may remember Skye the Lab who hated swimming, after watching how much fun her sister, Holly, had she decided to see for herself. She was not as confident as Holly but she gave it her best shot.

Ready for a game after their swim.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Molly's progress

Molly's second visit to swim. Look how well she is walking and standing.

Stitch takes on the ball

Death of a Physio ball.
Stitch has not met a ball yet that is a match for him.

Duncan's Family

Duncan's family also came for a vist.

"We are so well behaved - Mom said 'sit' and we all sat"

Connor playing "dead dog"

Christmas Outing

It was so nice to see Whiskey and JD again when they came with Coco for her therapy.

Swim Molly, swim!

Molly came to the Hydro today for her first swim.

Beautiful girl between repetitions.

R.I.P Asta

This special lady fought a long and valiant battle. She never let her condition dampen her spirit, she was a happy girl right to the end.

Our deepest sympathy to Michelle and Dean

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Molly has her first treatment

Molly a 3 year old X German Shepard/Chow.

We will be treating her for hip dysplasia and arthritis. She had her first treatment at home and will be coming to the hydro next week to swim.

Cami and Jess go swimming

Cami waiting for her first swim.

Getting used to the water.

Cami rests while Jess suits up.

"Hold me tight"

Mr Brown and Team

Mr Brown and his Harem.

From the front: Tyler, Kharma, Jazmin.

Waiting for treats.

Duncan and Prozac explore

Please, Please don't eat the Daisies!!!
Prozac amusing himself while Duncan swims.

"You don't seriously expect me to climb in there"

"look Duncan you should try it"

"I'm leaving before they put me in the barrel"

"I would like to climb up, but it is too slippery"

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Angela's brave boys

Fai decapitated the pig.

Draca was such a brave boy, he jumped in by himself.

Weird worm

We picked up this worm/Caterpillar in our garden. If anyone can shed some light on what it is, please let us know.

Horse trainer in the making

This dignified Sha Pei arrived at the Turfontein Race Course. The staff of one of the trainers have taken her in and she has made herself at home among the horses. 'm sure she will soon be in tip top condition.

Issie shows off

Issie is becoming such a confident little girl.

What a pretty girl!