Monday, July 20, 2009

No small task.

"Hi everyone, remember me? I am Tiny. Near the end of last year I was unable to walk - but look at me now, I am ready to conquer the world."

Cameo has a new lease on life

Good news Cameo is recovering well. The abscesses in her fore hooves have cleared up and her hind quarters are improving daily, she even attempts a good trot now and then.
Whisper is growing like a weed, she is very curious and loves to be the center of attention.
Before and after photos of Cameo.

5 months later

Gentle Giant

Mowgli is a real honey and loves a cuddle.

Looking out the window, between repetitions, at the farm animals.

Duncan's update

Duncan and Dad warming up.
Hugs and Kisses.

"I know where the treats are kept and Christine told me to help myself"

Winter warmers

Mowgli and Duncan now swim in the indoor pool. When the weather warms up they will go back to the big boys pool outside.


Dobbin a 7 year old spaniel has tight muscles in both her fore legs.

Chilling with Dad

"A girl could get used to this"


2 year old Storm was rescued as a pup from a storm water drain.
He is recovering from a knee and tendon operation.

"I have been having treatments at home for a while now and enjoy the spoiling."

"just checking."

Little Women

Rosie, 3 years old.

Trixie, 12 years old

Both of have hind leg problems.
Our first home visit.
They were somewhat wary at first but soon settled down for their treatments.