Sunday, January 25, 2009

Skye and Holly

This picture says it all...look at their excitement when they come to the hydro! It's a race to see who can reach Christine and Michelle first. Who would have guessed Skye (the golden lab) has grade 4 HD?

Skye knows exactly where she needs to go and what she needs to do. She's heading straight to the treatment room.

They both greet Michelle

Skye settles down for her Photizo Light therapy all by herself.

While Holly gets the next most comfortable spot...on Christine's lap!! She's going to watch Skye get treated.


What a star! Duncan decided to go and swim on his own yesterday. We were still preparing the life jacket and lead rein when he walked down the ramp on his own and got stuck into his routine. Michelle, the therapist, kept a close eye on him and Bryce, his companion, waited for him to finish. He knew he needed to swim at least a lap and did the entire lap on his own...he didn't even try to cheat. He earned his treat after his swim.

His left hind leg is obviously feeling much stronger if he's confident enough to swim on his own.


Uska is a young German Shepherd who also loves swimming. She's a pretty girl who likes to keep in shape (like all of us ladies). She's on a fitness and conditioning program and has loosened up and is looking nice and conditioned.

Kharma's first swim

A little enticement and an introduction to the wet, splashy stuff.

Mr Brown and Kharma looking very dashing in their safety jackets.

Splish, splash for the first few strokes.

And then she got the hang of it and swam like a champ.

[click on the pics to enlarge]

Kharma, a beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback and Mr Brown's friend, came for her first swim. She was a little apprehensive at first and had to be coaxed into the water with some treats. There was a little splashing but she soon mastered a smooth stroke when she realised she wasn't going to drown. She's having some fitness and conditioning swims to look her best for the upcoming shows.


Circie loves her swim...especially if she has a toy in her mouth. She comes for fitness swimming and can't wait to get wet.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Time out...

Sometimes our pets enjoy a day out at the hydro too. Maggie cooling off after a good run.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Angela's family...

Aiden and Zaren waiting in the holding pen after their swim. Watching Flattie get her exercise.

Aiden being timed on her swim by Michelle.

Luthien, the lady bug. She's our future Olympic swimmer. Speed is her thing!

Ronin swimming on his own. He does solo swims because when he has the life jacket and lead rein on he pulls against it and rolls slightly. Putting himself off balance and not getting an efficient and effective workout.

Flattie waiting for some treats before her swim. She swims for exercise because she has congenital lymphodemia and can't do ground work.

Legend waiting for the life jacket to be fitted before he swims. Legend is Luthien's brother and is also an Olympic contender. Watch out Ryk Neethling! Initially Legend hated swimming and it took a while to get him accustomed to it but now he loves it and goes in by himself.

Troy is not really a fan of swimming but he's getting better every week. The swimming has built up his confidence and he now is much friendlier with the humans at the hydro.

Zaren and Aiden...big buddies. After Aiden's swim and before Zaren's swim.

Angela brings most of her German Shepherds for a conditioning and fitness swim once a week. Mondays are filled with her "kids" and their activities.

[Click on the pictures to enlarge them]

Even the cattle are interested

Hope, Liquorice and Faith, the resident cattle, watch the dogs swimming (with amusement).

Luthien, the German Shepherd, was inquisitive and wanted to get up close to the horses and cattle after her swim so a gentle introduction through the fence was arranged.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Uri the Rottweiler

Uri comes to the hydro for conditioning and fitness. He's a real character and a boy at heart. He loves to play. Every week he goes to our "toy" box and selects the same toy. Lady, his companion fox terrier comes along for moral support.

His little quirk is to hold the lead rope in his mouth on his swim, so he gets to play tug-a-war and swim at the same time. What a clever boy!

Update on Colleen

Colleen is making steady progress. She swims wonderfully and every third stroke she uses her lame left hind leg to kick. She is obsessive about pine cones so it is easy to get her to do anything using the pine cone as her treat.

Update on Duncan

What a handsome fella!

Duncan getting special cuddles from mommy Sohini with Bryce keeping guard.

Duncan is coming along nicely. He now walks on his leg (left hind) and has built some muscle mass. He's also not as shy as he was when he first came to the hydro. He often brings one of his friends along. Today it was Bryce's turn. She sticks with her big buddy and even keeps him company during his Photizo light therapy session and watches him from the sidelines while he is having his swim.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Another update on Tiny

Tiny, the little chihuahua that was paralysed due to abuse, has come on amazingly well. The determination of this little guy is inspiring. He had a session of acupuncture provided by Dr Tanya a qualified vet who now specialises in rehabilitation. Dr Tanya placed a needle between his shoulder blades (which has a sedative effect) and he promptly fell asleep for the remainder of his session. His owner reports that he now regularly pulls himself up into a standing position at home (even on the slippery tiled floors) and is managing to take 2 or 3 steps at a time.

Odie - the Dachshund

Odie, the dachshund, is recovering from surgery to repair a herniated disk. He came to the hydro with Dr Tanya, the qualified vet who now specialises in rehabilitation. She gave him acupuncture and took him for a swimming session. Isn't he cute?

Nimbus and Quean

Nimbus and Quean exploring before taking a dip.

Nimbus even tried the sensory re-education path on his own.

The pretty boy, Nimbus.

Nimbus and Quean came for their fitness swimming today. They made sure they got themselves really hot by tearing around the hydro and sniffing (as well as marking) all the strategic positions.

Mr Brown making himself at home

Mr Brown greeting Michelle and hoping someone will notice how much he wants those liver treats on the desk.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The view from behind...

Skye (the Golden Labrador) along with her sister Holly (the black Labrador) waiting for their liver treats after Skye's treatment. Holly comes along for the visit and also expects something to nibble on.

Case Study on Blaze

Blaze is an adorable German Shepherd cross Airedale. He had weekly swims and Photizo treatments for rehabilitation from a cruciate reconstruction. His rehabilition is now complete but he now comes once a month for a recreational swim because he loves it so much. He doesn't need any encouragement to swim. Besides the rehabilitation, Blaze has become fitter from the swimming and really enjoys his outing at the hydro.