Saturday, April 25, 2009

Duncan meet Jazz...Jazz meet Duncan

Today Jazz (the white boxer and one of the family's furkids) came for a visit to the hydro. She introduced herself to Duncan (an older client) in an almost restrained way. Duncan was very grown up about it all and soon tired of her exuberance.


Caramel being treated with her mate (Fudge) looking on.

Caramel is recovering from hip dysplasia surgery on her left hip. She's being treated with Photizo light therapy, light massage and some resistance swimming in the heated indoor pool.

Bow - the cat

Bow, the cat, was mauled by 3 Jack Russell terriers. The injuries are quite severe on her hind quarters and tail and after surgery we're doing home visits and treating her with the Photizo light therapy to speed up healing and for infection control.


Mowgli, a Newfoundland and a new client, comes to the hydro to treat the arthritis in his hips. He receives Photizo light therapy and a gentle therapeutic swim. Supposedly a waterdog, Mowgli isn't fond of his swim and needed to be shown the ropes a bit. He'll get the hang of it after a few sessions.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ike and Kai

Kai having her swim with Jessica learning the ropes on her job shadowing stint.

Ike having his turn. The dogs are swum an equal amount of laps in each direction so as to balance their muscle development on both sides.

A pastoral setting

Mom (Toulousse on the right) and daughter (Cheyenne on the left), the resident Percherons, giving each other a nibble and a scratch.

Ahhh, just there!!

Cameo being treated with the Bemer3000vet. Michelle, the Darshan therapist, showing Jessica (doing job shadowing) how the Bemer3000vet works and explaining the functions.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Troy and Kallie

We had 2 new clients this past week. Troy and Kallie, 12 month old Dobermans. Troy has previously been introduced to swimming in a house pool but it was a new experience for Kallie who had never swum before and needed a slow introduction to the water.

Update on Meisie

After 3 treatments using the Photizo light therapy, Meisie's wounds are closing up nicely. Her rapid healing is a result of the dedication of the wonderful staff at the Highveld horse care unit and the specialized light therapy.


Duncan was so keen to get to Bryce (his friend) that he leopard crawled off the treatment mattress to get closer to him. The Photizo treatment carried on regardless.

Mr Brown

Mr Brown having his first swim without a life jacket. He's come on really well. Initially he wasn't too happy to go in the water and had to be coaxed in, and now he goes in by himself, knows exactly what to do, where to go and how to do it...all on his own. We're his impressed spectators and sideline coaches.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Meisie and Baby

Meisie (and her foal, Baby) are being treated at the Highveld Horse Care unit. Meisie was involved in an accident. A car hit the cart she was pulling and she sustained injuries as a result of it. We're treating her using the Bemer3000 vet and Photizo light therapy.


Handsome Hansie, the doberman, contemplating whether he wants to get wet or not...eventually taking the dip and swimming like a star.


Ianto came for his second fitness swim. He already swims like a star...well done big boy!

R.I.P. Colleen

Colleen was humanely sent to doggie heaven last week. The calcification of her spine spread into her other leg and she became paralysed and was in a lot of pain.

Colleen, we know you have an endless supply of pine cones to play with and a strong healthy body.


Braveheart has panus and wears his "Doggles" (doggie goggles) to swim.


First fitting of the life jacket

Slow introduction to the water using liver treats

Pool noodle!!!

Here I go!! Fetching the ball with a little help from my friends

Kalea the pretty dobie girl has had her first and second swim. She's still a little unsure of herself in the water and doesn't have a tail to keep her "behind" boyant so the pool noodle does the trick while she learns the finer art of swimming.

Baby sitting

We babysat Jazz last week and had her in a lifejacket for safety reasons. She looked adorable...all 10 weeks of her.

Skye and Holly

Skye is getting used to the water and loves to have Holly along for the experience. Michelle, the therapist, showing Skye how to dive in the water...she isn't buying into it.