Sunday, September 20, 2009

Keeping it in the family!

Jazz and Maggie = "say cheese!"

Photizo is good for humans too! Jason hurt his knee during a game of rugby.

Jason and Jazz practising "sit"

Mom got it for me!

Callie and Troy playing Tug-O-War with a toy Mom just brought them from a consignment of toys we just received.

Play ball!

Uri ready for a game after his swim.

Helping to choose a toy from the toy box.

"How about that one?"

Doubling up

Auwa and Ronin swimming together. A little bit of sibling rivalry.

Not to be outdone Luthien and Troy decided they would give it a go.

"I've got it, I've got it!"

Karma, our own Terrier, is fascinated by Michelle's Bearded Dragons.

Asta's update

We have included the Bemer in Asta's treatment to help with blood circulation.

Mom's innovative idea to help move Asta around.

In the car and ready to go home.

Big brother shows the ropes

Hansie and Milla, the 5 month old pup. It will be Milla's first swim.

Milla kitted out and ready to go.

"Hmmm, not so sure"

"I really want that treat!"

Duncan's update

Duncan brought Prozac, the Jack Russell, along. It was Prozacs first visit so Duncan filled him in on the drill for treats.

Shopping and swimming all in one

We have started stocking a rage of treats as well as frozen dog food.

Mr Brown Returns

Mr Brown is back. Proud dad, he fathered two litters of pups over the past few weeks.

First swim of the season.

Having his measurements taken.

"look Mom these treats weren't here before - may I have some?"

Anything and everything

Asta, a 4 year old Weimaraner, had a growth removed from her neck. Unfortunately it had grown into her spinal cord and as a result she only has limited movement on her right side. The doctor believes that rehabilitation may take awhile, prognosis is good.

She wears a special harness to give her support and help her to walk.

Enjoying the treatment.

Swimming feels so good.

Chilling in the sun after a strenuous swim.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fast learner = Fast swimmer

Kyla is now swimming in the big pool like a pro.

"They want us to do what?"

Skye and Holly discussing the pros and cons of a paddle.

Towel? who needs a towel?

Fai, the one year old Shepard was happy to be back. He is running around with his favourite toy to dry off after another swim.

Swimming lessons for another baby

Draca, another one of Circie's babies.
He is going to have a go at swimming.

Kitting up.

"aren't I cute?"

The promise of a treat.

"YAY!! I can swim"

Waiting to be dried off.

Circie makes a come back

Circie has come for her first post natal swim, a girl has to get her pre-babies figure back.
Her 7 babies are now 13 weeks old.

"this feels so good!"

Deja, one of Circie's puppies came with mom just for the outing.

Lady joins in the fun

Uri enjoying his first swim of the season.

Lady couldn't resist the water

"We both deserve a treat"