Monday, October 18, 2010

summer time!!

It has been a rather sad couple of weeks. We have lost two grand old ladies.

R.I.P Storm and Shadow

Storm, a member of our extended family, ruled the roost for all of her 14 years. She had such a feisty spirit right up to the end. Her bark was worse then her bite.
Miss you Babe!!!

After surgery to correct a hip problem Shadow's organs started to shut down and her family had to make the decision to let her go.

Not all news was bad, we had some new beginnings too

Hansie came for his first swim of the season and he brought little sister XaXa with him

Little XaXa loved the water

We have seen some great results

When we first saw Zorro his back legs were so weak he could barely stand. Look how strong he is now!

He really enjoys his treatment.

Zorro manages to climb on the couch with ease.

Everyone enjoys Summer

Willow and Tempest enjoy being outdoors!

We do house calls in certain areas, when swimming is not needed.

Odie getting to know Michelle.
The poor boy suffers from spasms in his neck.

A massage feels good.

We had a couple of first-time swimmers .

To date Tarzan has been Treated at home and today he is going to have his first swim.
Batman is very interested.

Tarzan is very confident.

Batman checking out the water.

We have a beautiful German Shepard visiting us for treatment

Temba enjoying his first treatment.
His hind legs are not working as well as the used to.

So smart!! Ready to go!

Swimming like a champ.