Thursday, October 15, 2009

Asta's improvement

Asta was having a really good day, look how well she is holding her head up.

Doing a really good job of trying to stand on her own.

Even after swimming a few laps she managed to balance all on her own.

Twins turn twenty one

Michelle and Diane celebrated their 21st birthday with a party at the Hydro on Saturday night.

Diane, Christine, Michelle.
Jason Stefano and Nicholas ham it up.
Part of our family.
Michelle and Danielle line up at the bar.

Birds and the bees

Harley the Cockatiel is the latest addition to our family. The elderly man who owned him could no longer take care of him.

We bought Willow (right) so that Harley would not be lonely.

Imagine our surprise when we uncovered the cage after the first night that Willow was with us to find this egg at the bottom of the cage.

Karma explaining the house rules to the newest family members.

R and R

Roxy relaxing in her Mom's lap while her sister Storm has a massage to loosen up her aging muscles and joints.

Skye's pain in the neck

Skye the beautiful Lab who has been having treatment for grade 4 hip dysplasia developed a large abscess in her neck which had to be surgically drained. We are treating the wound with Photizo.

Still very swollen.

Big smile after her treatment.

Sibling Rivalry

Kyla and Jabu waiting for a treat

Flekkie the Jack Russell

Flekkie is an elderly Jack Russell with a pinched nerve in her spine.

"Oooo that's the right spot!"

Coco bean

Co-Co is feeling so much better - she loves to have a game with Michelle after her swim.

"I dare you to take my ball"

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Summer playtime

"Look dad built us our own sand pit!"

Asta's new regime

Asta doing Pilate exercises on a ball. This helps her nerve impulses start finding a new pathways to travel on.

We are also using a trampoline as an additional exercise modality. The rocking uneven movement forces asta to keep balance therefore strengthens her back.

Big pool - big swim

Piper tried out the big pool and did very well.

Hugs and Kisses

Duncan had a sore ear and could not swim last week. He was so happy to see Michelle this week that he spoilt her with cuddles.

Puppy Day

We hosted a puppy day again and as previously we all had such a good time. The pups are all so inquisitive and kept us all amused with their antics.

Troy, Lennie and Misty getting to know each other.

Charles and Deja

Meeting the "Big girls". It is good for the puppies to be exposed to other animals.

Hector the chocolate lab wanted to be the first in. He was raring to go before he put his jacket on.

Lennie examining a goose feather.

Even our smallest floatation jacket is too big for the little ones.

"I'm not too sure about this"

Troy is curious. "When is it my turn?"

The treats are tempting.

"Wow my new friend is really brave."

Draca having a cuddle with Maddie.

"Let me go back!"

Deja eyeing the treats.

Troy is such a cutie.

This beautiful little girl, Donna, is going to George to become part of the search and rescue team.

Proud dad.

7 week old Spotty making friends with Troy.


Draca is an old hand. He has been swimming before.

Adam brought Noodle for a visit and I think she enjoyed herself.