Friday, January 29, 2010

Rain and rainbows

These last two weeks have been a bit quiet because of all the rain we've been having. Now that the sun is shining here is hoping that it is here to stay for a while. Although rain may dampen some people's spirits it did not upset the animals too much - they were as full of energy - if not more - then ever.

Rain, rain go away. There was so much rain this month we could practically watch the grass grow.

The ridgebacks made it for their bi-weekly swim just before the rain hit.

Here we have Magic. She came for her first visit to the hydro, She tagged along with Mr Brown and the other girls.

Mr Brown hurt his leg, we gave him a treatment to relieve the pain. What a brave man he is!

Michelle, The Pied Piper.

The Dobermans also made their swim - they had their measurements taken so we can track their progress. Both Hansie and Troy have gone from lopsided measurements to perfectly balanced statures.

Piper came along and boy was she surprised - she got to take a free swim in the big pool - and she loved it. Piper did fantastically well.

Sally, the 5 year old Daschund, we started treating this delightful lady she has huge spirit!
She had an operation for a spinal lesion and needs treatment to get her back into the habit of using her legs again.

Sanjay (Duncan's Dad) spent some time getting to know Sally and her Dad.

Sally was not to sure what to expect on her first swim.

Sally's legs being massaged by the jets in the pool.

This handsome man is Tyson - He is getting old and his legs are a bit painful. He is such a gentle old man and loved his massage.

Gizmo came along with Tyson. There was a storm brewing (yet again) and she was feeling a bit apprehensive.

Apart from the rain we had to be vigilant when we swam - A pair of Plovers have a nest with babies on the property. These brave souls guard it relentlessly - sending every one ducking and diving as we are trying to swim.

Christine was getting too close for comfort.

Friday, January 15, 2010

New year, New start.

We are back in full swing after the holidays. There have been a few days of bad weather which has hampered some swimming, but we managed to do a few house calls and we enjoyed the antics of the animals we manged to treat when weather was good.

Duncan, on his first visit for the year, found a stuffed husky and tried to sneak out the door with it.

Cami was intrigued by the geese, but her sister, Jess, found something more interesting.

Cami and Jess asking Michelle about the Geese.

After their swim, boy they don't look too happy - If looks could kill.

We went to do Skye's treatment at home as her Gran, Dawn, was not feeling to well. We also met the rest of the family.

Charmer and Intuition were busy helping Odile, the gardener, cut the grass when we arrived.

They greeted us then went back to work - trimming down where they thought Odile had missed a spot.

With a new addition to the family everyone is kept on their toes. 8 week old ridgeback Shumba is a curious little handful.

He was constantly trying to see what Michelle was doing to Skye - making sure he was not left out of anything - not even his rope toy could distract him.

Shumba eventully got the hint and settled down to play by himself.

Recharging his batteries during his nap - so he will be ready for action after Skyes treatment.

Holly who spent the whole time behind the couch finally came out for a bit of attention.

We went to do another house call this week - this time we set off to see Benfica and Lira, two Rottie puppies with HD, for the second time and what a delight they are.

Benfica and Lira chilled with their Dad at home.

Lira loved the treatment and soon settled nicely on Michelles lap, someone should tell her she's not as small as she used to be.

Benfica was next and he enjoyed himself as much as his sister did.
"Oooh that feels good"

Bubba the parrot kept us amused with his Anitics and comments while we were treating his pals.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cameo and Whispers new life.

Cameo and Whisper are both doing so well.
Whisper can be quite mischievous at times but on the whole they are a delight.

Family marathon runners...

Young ones in training for a marathon? - maybe not...

Jason's up first.

Then there's Michael.

Nicholas follows

Diane is hot on his heels

And last but not least - Claudia.

Seasons Greetings

Compliments of the season to everyone. Hope you all had a happy and peaceful festive break.
We are back after our break and look forward to seeing all our friends again.

Christmas at the Hydro.

Five of the seven cousins enjoying the festive meal.

Who needs space when you've got good food and your family?

Chilling after the big lunch.

Cooling off - what better way than in a 3 meter deep pool?