Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Wind breakers

We put up a windbreaker around the pool to keep the icy winter winds at bay.

The end results

Just before the stitches are taken out Bowie looks great, and is very lively!

You can see the scabs have formed, which is a very good sign.

Just a few days after the first procedure, Bowie had to go in for skin Grafts as the skin around the wound had died.

Old friends coming to visit.

Annette, Elaine, Coco, Whiskey and JD come to visit every now and again to let their hair down.
Coco used to be a regular client with problems in her shoulder but now has no trace of a limp at all.

Whiskey lays by his Mom, Annette, while watching Coco take herself swimming.

Whiskey cheers Coco on but is not keen to follow her.
(Coco uses a jacket still just as safety precaution as she gets lazy sometimes and her hind legs sink)

On second thoughts, Whiskey decided to go see what all the fuss was about.

Tri-athlete in the making

Barack -an 8 year old Shepard - loves to be active, he is a very difficult dog to keep still between his sessions, he comes to us to keep fit and burn off extra energy.

Here Barack is swimming full speed ahead - this boy loves to swim...

Barack running laps between swims - He believes in a rounded exercise regime.

Barack and Kalea at play.

Ebony's recovery

Ebony, a one year old Labbie, recently had a femur head amputation. She is being treated with photizo to help with pain relief and build up muscle mass. She also does resistance swimming. Hopefuly this treatment will prevent the neccessity of having the operation on her other leg.

Ebony has just spotted the fish-shaped thermometer.

Seeking reassurance from her owner Kim.

Ebony is swimming well and kicking strong.

A happy Ebony runs around, just like a puppy should, after just a few treatments

She is a vocal girl and regales us with "stories" all through her Photizo sessions.

Cameo's progress

While changing her bandages we did a Photizo treatment on Cameo's hooves to help draw out the abscess'
The encouraging regrowth of her hoof is evident in this picture. (the pale band around the top of the hoof is the part that has grown out)

The abscess is almost out, the Farrier is very pleased with the progress Cameo has made.

Mowgli conqures his fear of water.

Mowgli is having his Photizo treatment while Dad, Shane, occupies him with a nice tummy tickle.
Look at the size of his paw!

Mowgli swims very well, He does resistance swimming to build up his muscles without over - exerting himself.

Running into his Dad's arms after his swim.