Wednesday, June 16, 2010

There is always something...

We have had the most frustrating couple of weeks - The heating in the indoor pool is on the blink, and to date we have not been able to find the problem.
I am really getting desperate!!!
The Ice cold weather is not helping.

On a lighter note -

The Drumblade community got together for an afternoon of cricket.

Nicholas bowling.

Shadow had her first swim but it was not to last.

Here she is drying off, she had the last swim before the pool gave up the ghost.

Stitch had a dislocated hip - resulting in him having to have a femur head removed.

Here he is waiting patiently for his treatment.

The weather has been so cold and miserable lately causing the treatment room to be cold.

Shadow, Skye and Holly enjoyed the warm under floor heating in the office.

While we were trying to get the pool fixed we enjoyed the company of a beautiful Bull Terrier.
Rhyno, who loves car rides, came along with his mom and dad to check the pool.

He was fascinated by the birds' nests in the tree.

Time to go home.

World cup fever is everywhere you look - here is no exception.

Everyone ready to watch the first game of the world cup!

The Nicholson Family are thrilled to announce the arrival of two new puppies.

Rodney and Tau - What a handful!

Discussing the Pros and Cons of the Photizo.

Lunch time!

Charmer and Intuition waiting for carrots from Gran.

Brenda, her family and helpers run a NPO offering Equitherapy to children with special needs. We went along to treat three of their horses.

There was Jock - a sweet man with a broken elbow - He sat so well with the Bemer Blanket on. All treatments done were watched by their dog, Bobbie.

Then there was beautiful Red - He has a sprained suspension ligament. He was very interested to see what the Photizo did.

And of course Harley, She has a sore neck and as a result her whithers have been giving her problems. We could not put the Bemer blanket all the way up her back as she just pushed it off. It was so rewarding to see the almost immediate relief she got from the Photizo treatment. She was able to extend her neck to a range she was unable to reach before.