Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Angela's family...

Aiden and Zaren waiting in the holding pen after their swim. Watching Flattie get her exercise.

Aiden being timed on her swim by Michelle.

Luthien, the lady bug. She's our future Olympic swimmer. Speed is her thing!

Ronin swimming on his own. He does solo swims because when he has the life jacket and lead rein on he pulls against it and rolls slightly. Putting himself off balance and not getting an efficient and effective workout.

Flattie waiting for some treats before her swim. She swims for exercise because she has congenital lymphodemia and can't do ground work.

Legend waiting for the life jacket to be fitted before he swims. Legend is Luthien's brother and is also an Olympic contender. Watch out Ryk Neethling! Initially Legend hated swimming and it took a while to get him accustomed to it but now he loves it and goes in by himself.

Troy is not really a fan of swimming but he's getting better every week. The swimming has built up his confidence and he now is much friendlier with the humans at the hydro.

Zaren and Aiden...big buddies. After Aiden's swim and before Zaren's swim.

Angela brings most of her German Shepherds for a conditioning and fitness swim once a week. Mondays are filled with her "kids" and their activities.

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