Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fai - Introductory Swim

Fai eyeing out the geese...

His introduction to the water on the ramp...not too impressed by the look of things

Michelle offers him some treats on a floating bowl...a good way for him to forget that his feet are in the water when his nose and eyes are focused on the food.

A short retrieval for a ball...just getting his body wet...

The squeaky piglet is the next toy retrieved from further down the ramp...isn't this fun?

Got it!! The squeaky piglet hasn't got a chance. Half way down the ramp.

The piglet is dead, now it's time to get a ball again. Right to the end of the ramp. I'm such a clever pup!

Fai is a wonderfully exhuberant 5 month old German Shepherd who comes for swimming lessons. Puppies can't do strenuous exercise so their swimming is a short structured play session giving them the necessary swimming skills. It's a fun outing which will eventually lead to a constructive exercise program.
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