Thursday, October 1, 2009

Puppy Day

We hosted a puppy day again and as previously we all had such a good time. The pups are all so inquisitive and kept us all amused with their antics.

Troy, Lennie and Misty getting to know each other.

Charles and Deja

Meeting the "Big girls". It is good for the puppies to be exposed to other animals.

Hector the chocolate lab wanted to be the first in. He was raring to go before he put his jacket on.

Lennie examining a goose feather.

Even our smallest floatation jacket is too big for the little ones.

"I'm not too sure about this"

Troy is curious. "When is it my turn?"

The treats are tempting.

"Wow my new friend is really brave."

Draca having a cuddle with Maddie.

"Let me go back!"

Deja eyeing the treats.

Troy is such a cutie.

This beautiful little girl, Donna, is going to George to become part of the search and rescue team.

Proud dad.

7 week old Spotty making friends with Troy.


Draca is an old hand. He has been swimming before.

Adam brought Noodle for a visit and I think she enjoyed herself.

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