Sunday, September 26, 2010

Everyone is ready to swim!

More and more we are seeing puppies with congenital joint problems. Sadly some of these have come from breeders who claim to be registered. The good news is, if the condition is diagnosed early and therapy is started the prognosis is encouraging.

R.I.P Ronin
Ronin, one of Angela's family of Shepard's, passed away last week very suddenly, shortly after being diagnosed with Biliary. His whole family miss him sorely.

A lot of new puppies are coming in for swimming lessons,
There is Presley, the 9 month old Ridgeback.

Taking his first solo swim.

Presley is full of beans after his swim - in full flight.

Then there is Raffa,

Like her big brother, Fai, she loves water and Piggy.

Raffa and Fai racing each other with their Pigs.

No trouble guessing who makes the rules here -

Skye decided she preferred the chair to her mattress.
"Please Michelle may I have my treatment here?"

Michelle obliges.

Another dog born for the water.

Michelle assesses Honey on her first visit. She had knee surgery 6 weeks previously.

Relaxing while her jacket is adjusted.

The cousins get new toys,

When Granny visited she brought Luna and Vesta prezzies.

Vesta the clown rolling around with her toy.

Luna and Vesta discussing the pros and cons of their toys.

Another puppy for lessons -

Koffi, who is a litter mate of Rodney and Tau Nicholson, came for his very first visit.

Testing the water.

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