Monday, March 8, 2010

The end of summer is near

It looks as if summer is getting ready to leave us, a sad thought for all those sun lovers, but not everyone is feeling it - swimming is still a lot of fun for these water loving dogs.

We had a puppy come for a lesson - it was a beautiful day for swimming!

Max, a 3 month old Rottie, is about to have his first swim.

Sizing the pool up - not sure what he is expected to do.

He is so engrossed with the treats that he hardly notices the water.

Look Mom swimming like a big boy

You can't beat a rub down and a cuddle after a good swim.

Hera is doing well, the typical terrier behaviour is coming out and it is getting tough to keep her in the prescribed cage rest.
Hera peeking out of the office window.

Maya and Hera sharing a bed

We have to confine Hera to a cage to curb her exuberance.

Troy and Kallie brought two friends from P.E for a visit.
They thought it would be fun to join Troy in the pool. Michelle had her work cut out keeping them at bay.

"We hope we will get a pool like this at home"

We had a new client this week, Impi has sore elbows and stiff muscles (who wouldn't if you have Ridgebacks as your siblings)

She loved every minute of her treatment and afterwards she was completely relaxed.

Impi with her brother and sister. She is very possessive of her ball.

"Mmmmm treats"

Waiting patiently until Impi's treatment is over.

This is proof that winter is making a comeback - Swallows have been gathering for the past few weeks.

We would like to thank all you wonderful people who have made donations. Our goal is R8900 and to date we have raised R7500. We hope to be able to purchase the unit by the end of the month.

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