Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Summer rains

Back again after a long weekend. The weather is not being kind to us - wet and rather chilly - hope it will improve soon.

R.I.P Shumba
This little man went to puppy heaven on Saturday. Even though his life was short he lived it to the full and made everyone who met him smile at his antics. His mom Bev, gran Dawn and sisters Skye and Holly will always have him close to their hearts.

Jess and Cami are coming along so well - they have really come out of their shells and are real social butterflies now.
Here they are showing everyone just how beautiful they are.

Cleo is such an affectionate girl, she really loves all the attention she gets when being treated.

Cleo the Rottie on the Bemer blanket to relieve muscle spasms.

Cleo cuddling with Michelle after her treatment.

Subsequently Cleo became very ill. She had internal bleeding, the cause of which was not known. She is much better now but still not out of the woods and remains on intense treatment.

Sally is making such great progress!

Look how well she is standing, she is also taking a few steps unaided.

Piper came for her treatment - she knows the drill and loves the down time.

Relaxing with the bemer - she just goes to sleep.

Julla got a great surprise when he accompanied Impi to her weekly treatment

Shane introducing Julla to the horses.

Cameo and Karen looking on.

Cameo and Whisper wondering what the fuss is about.

The hand over of the Photizo was a very special moment.

I cannot thank all the wonderful people enough for the generous donations. Without all of you this would not have been possible.

Michelle and Cindy draw the raffle.

And the winner is.....
Ticket 10B - Barry Baars.

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