Thursday, May 13, 2010

The onset of Winter

R.I.P Rocky
This beautiful boy tried so hard but in the end it was all too much for him, his owners Andrew and Surette had to make the difficult decision to let him go.

This week has been full of new experiences for everyone from puppies learning to swim and new companions for others we have a lot to report on.

On our way home from the Hydro Michelle and I found this gentle boy who judging by the frayed collar had escaped from somewhere. We asked around the neighbourhood, nobody knew who he belonged to. We took him to the SPCA and hope he will be reunited with his owners or find a new home.

After Harley Passed away Willow was very lonely and after Ockert lost his female Simoon, we decided to play matchmaker and introduce Tempest and Willow. They get on like a house on fire.

Hera is learning how to play with toys.
Hera killing a rope toy. She is enjoying her freedom.

Presley the Ridgeback tried out swimming.
Presley learning to swim.

Safe in moms arms to dry off.

In full flight.

Mr Brown - ET phone home.

Duncan, Connor, Bryce and Prozac were on their way to Doggon Kennels for a few days.

They stopped off at the Hydro first for Duncan's treatment.

Connor joined Duncan in the pool.

We took Karma to work with us to give her some alone time with us. For the last nine weeks so much attention had been paid to Hera's recovery.
Sitting in the office waiting fo work.
Karma making friends with Kyla.

Our visit to Doggon to give Duncan his weekly treatment.
They were excited to see us.

Connor, Prozac and Bryce follow Duncan and Michelle indoors for the treatment.

Michelle treating Duncan with a little help.

Skye and Holly have made good friends with Hera now.
Hera giving advice on Skye's treatment.

Dixie the 5 year old Dachie had spinal surgery for 2 herniated discs.
She is a real Daddy's girl.

A very gentle swimming routine was set up until she is stronger.

So proud of her achievement.

Drying off.

Helen brought Tumble for a visit.

Hera was pleased to see her.

Kitting Hera up for her first swim.

Michelle hold me tight.

Well Done!!

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