Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Rainy weather looks set to stay

The heavy rains have played havoc with our normally sparkling pool, turning it pea green overnight. Thank goodness it is once again crystal clear.
Hope the storms are over for a while.

Blue is now joining sister Deedee for weekly swimming sessions.

Here they are receiving encouragement from their Dad.

Blue with a little help from his Dad.

First time in the pool Blue swims like a pro.

Blue is so chuffed with himself.

Honey is now swimming laps, in order to build up the muscle in her hind legs without putting pressure on her already fragile knees. She is a natural.

Coco, a 3 year old spaniel, has a narrowing in the spine, which is putting pressure on the Sciatic nerve.

Making friends with Michelle.

"I am so sexy in my jacket"

"Hold on tight"

"Away we go!"

After Honey told her brother, Morgan the gentle giant, how much fun swimming was, he decided to try for himself!

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