Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Warm weather and wet dogs!

Its that glorious time of the year again!!
We can begin swimming in the large outdoor pool (Yay!!)

It hasn't been an easy winter though, the big outdoor pool stayed colder than it has been in years, despite our best efforts. but now the temperature is picking up daily!

The small indoor pool was hit by the storm last week and it blew the solar panels out of the wall, and tripping the power, making that pool drop to 20 degrees (not ideal for rehab patients) once we got that sorted, the rats (or darling rabbits we seemed to have inherited) chewed the wiring to the element, making the small pool cold yet again!

All of this is now under control and we can resume as normal!
Hold thumbs for beautiful weather the rest of the year and more!

Remember sunscreen (I have nice red shoulders screaming at me for forgetting that :) )
Everything that we love all in one place: Sun, outdoors, and wet dogs!

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