Saturday, December 27, 2008

Case Study on Tiny the Chihuahua

Tiny was found 4 months ago with 3 crushed vertebrae as a result of suspected animal abuse. He was rescued and placed in his new home by the Animal Ambulance. He has settled in nicely and is progressing all the time. As a result of the abuse he was paralysed in his hind quarters. You can see the wear and tear he has on the top of his feet (in the picture) from dragging his hind legs.
Tiny underwent surgery 3 weeks ago to repair the vertebrae but was still paralysed and required rehabilitation to regain mobility. His vet recommended that he swim to achieve this. After 3 bi-weekly treatments (Photizo twice a week, and swimming once a week) Tiny is able to pick himself up and walk a few steps.
The little guy is estimated to be around 4 years old. Tiny in name but giant hearted by nature.

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