Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Back on track

This gentle two year old fillie was confiscated by the Highveld Horse Care Unit. When she was found she was harnessed to a cart and was still expected to work in this condition.
We saw her twice for Photizo therapy. The vet who works with the Horse Care Unit has now taken her to his farm so that he can attend to her daily.

Skye, Holly and Shumba are on holiday at Doggon Kennels. We went to visit them and to give Skye her weekly treatment.

The trio was happy to see us.

"Me too!"
Little Shumba is a ball of energy! He demands attention.

Holly - ever the lady - looks on.

This smart little man knows how to behave if he has too

Shumba and Holly take a stroll in their garden.

They all settled down to relax after all the excitement.

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