Sunday, February 14, 2010

Growing in leaps and bounds

The dogs have been making a lot of progress this week and it has been great fun working with them.

Happiness is having a teddy to cuddle!
Maya after a hard day.

Sally is doing everyone proud - she is coming along so nicely.

Heidi is so interested in what Michelle is doing to Sally, looks like she wants treatment too

Sally can now stand unaided - she is making great progress.

Prozac came for one of his regular visits with Duncan and like the true Terrier he is - he soon found some trouble to get into.
Oops! Prozac fell in the pool while Duncan was swimming.
He handled it like a real champ and swam out unaided.

A bit of a cuddle and a rub down after his ordeal. Duncan a concerned brother looks on.

Not to be left out Duncan soon gets his turn.

Hansie brought his family along for a visit to his swimming session

Hansie and Amra have a chat with Michelle.

Milla does not feel too happy about swimming, She prefers to look on from a distance with Mom.

Piper came for her session ready to go - and she did not disappoint!

Piper is swimming so well in the big pool.

Resting between laps.

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