Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Summer + Swimming = FUN, FUN, FUN

Today was all about swimming for fitness and conditioning. National dog shows are coming up early in the new year and breeders and owners are keen to get their dogs in the best condition and fitness for the event.

The dogs that swam today needed no coaxing to get into the pool. The weather was hot (mid 30C) and the water very inviting and a pleasant 24C. A Rhodesian Ridgeback was eager to get in for each of his laps and didn't really want to have his rest periods inbetween. The two German Shepherds were as eager when it was their turn...they weren't even interested in getting towel dried after their swim.

It was also encouraging to see the German Shepherds get into the pool with such enthusiasm. It was only their second swim. For their first swim they weren't that keen and had to be coaxed in with liver treats and dry wors. Today they hit the pool with gusto...

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