Friday, December 26, 2008

Public press

Reflecting over the past year (as we all do at this time of the year) we've come a long way. The hydro has developed its own personality. When we started we had a vision of how we were going to run the place and although we've maintained our dedication and compassion to clients, the way we manage the hydro is different.

We've seen many success stories at the hydro, especially of dogs recovering from injuries and surgery. I'll be posting more of these case studies soon. Our offering of conditioning and fitness has been the main growth area with the dogs that participate in the program showing remarkable results and muscle definition after just a few swimming sessions. The clients that come to us for conditioning and fitness have had positive feedback on their dog's condition in the show ring. The swimming has provided results without compromising the dog's overall wellness. They're able to get fit without the usual injuries that occur when training on land. Their joints and ligaments are saved from the constant pounding on road surfaces and injuries from stones (and other obstacles) are a thing of the past.

We also received some great press this year, and two of the articles that appeared in the newspapers were very flattering.

Some photos taken for the article in the Rapport newspaper can be viewed at (scroll down to the middle of the page):

The actual article is at:,,752-795_2364785,00.html

Another article which appeared in the City Press newspaper was just as nice:,,186-1697_2372961,00.html

We're hoping to build on our successes in 2008 and make 2009 an even better year.

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