Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Info on the Bemer 3000 Vet

This info is taken from the official Bemer 3000 Vet website.
Bio-Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulation (BEMER) has an energy-regulating effect on all forms of life. The BEMER-VET system is designed to support the organism in case of illness with the required amounts of energy and substances. Improving metabolic function, and thereby also the overall Bioenergetics situation, is said to normalize functional imbalances and activate natural powers of self-healing, thus compensating for damage caused by false exertion, lack of movement and environmental contaminants. Horses are by nature eaters and runners – in other words, they are designed for motion. Just like modern man, horses – even those used for sports and leisure activities – suffer from insufficient movement or the wrong kinds of movement. Nowadays, very few people who keep horses can still take the time to give their equine friends a training regiment that fulfils their natural and necessary needs for movement.

The development of the BEMER-signal by Prof. Dr. Wolf A. Kafka can now help to compensate for these deficiencies by activating and supporting the natural processes with a physical system.

BEMER 3000 Vet for use with domestic animals and pets

+ Illnesses and malfunction of joints, back muscles and the spine
+ Fractures, dislocations, stiffness, contusions, swelling and sprains
+ Slow healing wounds and bruises, lamings, constipation/ digestion
+ Nervousness prior to sporting events/shows, decreased performance
+ Acute and chronic inflammation, tendonitus, tendovaginitis
+ Circulation and degenerative disorders involving all movement and support mechanisms, problems with hooves

How does the Bemer 3000 VET work?

Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation (BEMER) provides an energy regulating signal to the damaged organism. Nutrient, oxygen absorption, and the excretion of metabolic waste are promoted. Damaged functions are normalized and self healing powers are activated. In this manner, the application of the BEMER 3000 VET counteracts injuries and helps to prevent injuries due to inappropriate strains, lack of exercise, and environmental stress.

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