Monday, December 29, 2008

Info on the Photizo Light therapy device

The information is taken from the Photizo website. The device is used to treat humans too and is obviously therefore a safe way to speed up healing in animals as well.

Light therapy offers a non-invasive alternative modality for rapid wound healing and provides a holistic treatment approach to many conditions. Light therapy improves circulation in affected areas thereby ensuring faster healing in wounds, traumatic injuries, and recovery post-operatively. Light therapy improves patient comfort and improves wound care, ensures less scar tissue production, post-operative complications, swelling and inflammation in treated areas. Light therapy, by improving circulation and assisting in cell repair, can lessen necrotic tissue formation in and around wounds and ensures better success with skin grafts and other surgical techniques. Owners of pets can be offered an extra service when treating wounds, conditions and in post-operative care. Better wound healing and faster recovery improves client satisfaction ensuring better success in your clinical practice.
Details on each protocol's uses
0-21 Day Wound
Wounds that can be treated with this button include:· Cuts, scratches, scrapes, blisters, surgical wounds, burns, bedsores, superficial bruising, lip wounds, mosquito- and other insect bites (reduces swelling and itching), contact dermatitis and dermatitis following radiation (cancer treatment), skin grafts and swelling in the ear canal. Suitable for treatment immediately post-operatively, as well as follow-up or step-down wound care.

21+ Day Wound
Wounds that can be treated with this button include:· Wounds 21 days and older, ulcers (diabetic and venous), infected wounds (in combination with antibiotics, superficial bruises.Other conditions that can be treated with this button are:· Pressure wounds· Hemorrhoids (protruding)· Excema

Seroma Hematoma
· Seroma· Hemotoma· Mastitis· General swelling

Tissue Trauma
Suitable for soft-tissue injuries:· Muscle injury· Tendonitis· Damage to peripheral nerves· Sciaticus· Inflammation in soft tissues· Fasciatis· Trigger points and myalgia· Muscle spasms

· Especially useful in treating infected areas· Hot spots· Cellulitis· Gingivitis· “Snuffles” – put rubber applicator over probe and hold over nose

· Arthritic conditions (DJD)· Ruptured discs· Herniations· Prolapses· Annulus tears and protrusions· Traumatic sinovitis· Chondrotic tearing· Use following laminectomies and fusions· Fractures and osteo trauma – increases callus formation

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